If you own a business and have a website (which you should) then the goal is to enhance your business presence in what’s called “organic” search rankings for all the major search engines.

To achieve this you will need to implement both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM) techniques.  Here’s the abridged version of the possibilities for implementation:

–      In order to rank organically in the top three pages of Google any site must contain at least 100 quality backlinks

–      There are two methods to adding backlinks – white hat & black hat

  • White hat
    • Free or inexpensive but labor intensive
    • Takes a lot of time for indexing
  • Black hat
    • More expensive but far less labor intensive
    • Indexing by sites is quicker
    • Depending on the software used may get flagged by Google if not done correctly

–      Software researched best of service results:

  • White hat
    • Lotus jump = $50 a month per domain
  • Black hat
    • SEnuke xcr = $147 a month unlimited domains
      • Addl costs:
        • Proxy server or VPS = $20 mo
        • Estimated captacha = $7 per 5000 solves  (*limit can be set)
        • Customer support for all my questions was excellent
        • Very powerful SEM tool
        • Considered to be reasonably white hat with the proper settings

–      Existing companies providing SEO / SEM services:

  • Currently the going rate from the majority of companies proving in depth SEO / SEM service ranges from $500 a month to $5000 for a package service
  • In most cases a min contract period of 4 months is required so as to cover initial costs and see results
  • Often time there is a min budget above and beyond the monthly service fee

DII recommendations:

At DII Consulting we use only white hat methods. While more labor intensive we believe the long term effects for our customer’s website organic ranking placement will be more beneficial.  We provide this service as an “Add On”.