How much Search Engine Optimization have you done on your website?

A very important question if the site was built to actually gain new customers who are purposefully searching for services you provide. In your head are you thinking – none?

Then you’re just throwing money away.

Search Engine Optimization All search engines use an algorithm of some type to more efficiently categorize and display websites based on the word or sentence a customer might use as a search term. The algorithm depends on a website whose services match the potential clients search term to have those words or sentences contained within the site.

Here’s the thing, it does matter where the terms are located within your site.

Most people know that a domain name which reflects the core service is great eg: is going display at the top of most search engines if the search term is “Search Engine Optimization”. That said – a good domain name isn’t the end all beat all, neither are keywords. More and more emphasis is being placed on content, new content, fresh content, a website that is alive with activity.

The new parameters on content can be difficult for a small business whose budget and time constraints are already pressed. So what can be done?

Baby steps – first determine the structure of your current site: Does it lend itself to updating? If not then think about a straight Search Engine Marketing campaign (adwords, directory sites, etc…).

If yes then either hire someone to tweak the content with keywords, images and structure or do it yourself. From there start adding biweekly or monthly content as you can (videos, blog, images). Nothing dramatic, quick and easy works, it should be relevant and optimized.

Overall remember implementing Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes time. Investing in a quality, content driven site doesn’t happen overnight. Start now and given time you will see the results.

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