How people today have a website associated with their business?

Great – pretty much everyone. Think for a moment… what is the primary goal of your website?

Let me suggest that the primary goal of your website should be a “Call to Action” and if that’s not what occurred to you just now then you’re just throwing money away.

I can help.

SEO SEM SEXToday I will share a blueprint on how you can change your website from a bottomless money pit to a fruitful money tree. Using: 1. SEO 2. SEM and 3. SEX.

Think about your competition – Who is it?

In a global economy Your competition is any other individual or company on this planet that has a website. Here’s the thing…. they are all trying to get on the first page of Google’s search. Many of them have very deep pockets and they are using every method possible to swamp the market with their message. They are paying experts upwards of $2000 a month or more to for.

o   Branding
o   Articles, videos
o   Print and Web Directories

So how do you compete? “Focus”! Focus your efforts on your target market. Ask yourself “What am I really trying to sell who am I selling too” then move to implement SEO on your website for those specific items.

Unlike you may have been lead to believe SEO can stand for: Simple, Effective and Organized Advertising. SEO is the foundation of your web advertising. It is passive and designed to make your website friendlier to search engines. It is the first step in generating a call to action for those viewing your site .

What is Simple, Effective and Organized Advertising specifically?

o   SEO is any code or alterations to your website or a specific web page that will allow search engines to more easily find and display information within the site.
o   What does it entail

  • Adding Keywords & Phrases
  • Properly tagging Images & video
  • Adding New and fresh content monthly

As important as Simple, Effective and Organized Advertising is remember that it is Passive Advertising. To get the most out of your website we will need to add to the foundation. S.E.M is the second step in generating a call to action on your website and can stand for: Selective, Engaging and Manageable Marketing.

o   How does it differ from Simple, Effective and Organized Advertising? Primarily Selective, Engaging and Manageable Marketing is a DYNAMIC Internet marketing. There is no strict reliance on the passive hope that Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines will display your website.
o   What does it entail

  • Pro-actively submitting your website data to search engines
  • Adding your website to free “E” Directories
    • Bing places, Google my places for Business, manta, hot frog etc…
  • Creating a Pay per click
  • Actively creating Content on other websites by
    • Adding Articles
    • Commenting on articles
    • Adding videos and images

Why does sex sell?

SEX sells because it is Seductive, Emotional and Exciting. S.E.X is the third step and should be liberally mixed in to the other two steps. It is crucial in generating a call to action on your website.

  • What Does Seductive, Emotional and Exciting marketing entail

o   Using words that draw the potential customer deeper into your website

o   Having images and phrases that create a positive emotional response for your product or service

o   Creating a sense of excitement for a need being met or goal achieved by hiring you

Over the last few minutes we have covered a lot of information:

  1. The benefits of adding Simple, Effective and Organized Advertising to your website
  2. The positive effects of creating a Selective, Engaging and Manageable Marketing Internetcampaign
  3. Why it’s so important to have Seductive, Emotional and Exciting marketing aspects your SEO and SEM

These steps are not magic they do take time but now you have the blueprint. I strongly encourage all of you to reach out to your webmaster and implement this blueprint. If however they look at you with a blank stare contact me…. I will help.