change the email passwordThere are many aspects to supporting Microsoft Office. The primary focus however is always on Outlook and one of the most common issues is the password in Outlook matching the password the E-mail host has on file.

In this article / video we will go over the steps to change your email password and verify your account is working in Outlook.

It is often necessary to change the email password with Gmail, Yahoo, GoDaddy or any other email service provider. What many people don’t know is that is also necessary to change the email password within your outlook client (program) as well. Conversely you cannot simply change your Outlook password, it also must be changed at the service provider as well (not covered).

The steps for changing the password in Outlook versions 2003 to 2013 is pretty much the same with some slight variations. Today we will show how to do it in Outlook 2010.

  1. Change your password with your email service provider and verify it works by accessing your webmail account (if they provide one)
  2. Close all open programs then open Your Outlook E-mail client (program)
  3. Click on:
    1. file > Account Settings > Account Settings (in the box that opens)
    2. Click one time on the email address that needs the password changed. It should now be highlighted blue.
    3. Click the “Change” label just above the email address
    4. Look toward the bottom of the field entry box that opens. Under “Logon Information” you will see “password” delete the old password and enter the new one.
    5. After entering the new password and in the same field entry box under “Test Account Settings” click the button “test account settings”. If the password was entered properly you should receive two green check marks.
    6. Click “Next” in the bottom right of the field entry box click “Next” the test will run again. Click finish


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