repair your laptop screenIs your laptop screen cracked? Does the computer turn on but the display doesn’t show anything. It’s actually relatively easy and inexpensive to repair your laptop screen by replacing it. In order to avoid throwing good money at an irreparable problem there are a few things to consider:

–          How did it get the crack
–          Does display show anything
–          Is the laptop very old

How Did It Get the Crack?

If the computer was dropped simply replacing the screen may not be too helpful. The reason for this is that the energy released from the force of the machine hitting the ground may have also caused unseen damage to components inside. For now the machine still turns on and maybe information can be read on the display but overtime (a short time) those damaged components can heat up and burn out causing more problems than just a cracked screen.

Does Display Show Anything?

Whether cracked or simply not showing data, to repair your laptop screen one of the best and easiest initial steps is to connect the laptop to a desktop display. This will allow you to see if there is a larger problem than just the display not working properly. If your data shows and the programs work we recommend that you back up all important items before doing anything else.

Nothing showing on the connected display means there are bigger issues at play. You will want to remove the hard drive, connect it to a different computer and determine if you can access the data.

Is the Laptop Very Old?

Let’s say you determine that there’s no internal damage and connecting to a desktop display results in being able to access the information. To repair your laptop screen by replacing it yourself you will incur at least $100 for the display itself. Using a certified technician will add approximately another $100 to the bill. With computer prices as low as they are $200 may be better spent getting a new machine.

What’s Next?

You’ve decided to replace the display. Follow these steps and check some resources.

  1. Contact the computer manufacturer to determine the display part number also ask them about pricing if you buy it from them
    1. Buying the part from the maker is a good choice. You’re pretty assured of getting the correct item and often times they have resources in place to walk you through the replacement.
  2. Contact an online reseller:

i.      Often buying from one of these resources will provide you access to videos on how to replace a laptop screen for your specific model of laptop. Be cautious though, getting the wrong part number does happen.

  1. Contact a Technician
    1. Having a technician do the work can save time and frustration. It’s best to have already ordered and received the new display so that the tech only needs to swap it out. While it only takes about an hour for most models figuring in 2 hours of the techs time is a good.

There is a vast amount of information to help repair your laptop screen. Hopefully this information will make it all a lot easier.

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