Video SEO and SEM:video seo and sem

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing take on new meanings when you add video into the mix. Mentioned in a prior post (found here) SEO can be thought of as “Simple, Effective and Organized” passive advertising. While SEM can be thought of as “Selective, Engaging and Manageable” dynamic marketing with the take action step being “Seductive, Emotional and Exciting”.

Video Engine Optimization and Marketing (VEOM) incorporates all three of the above mentioned items. With Video SEO and SEM you can take it to the next level by adding – Motion. We can think of VEOM as “Virtual, Encompassing and Optically Motivating” oriented sales. Why is this so important? Because as online competition for market share in all industries grows and buyers become more jaded, new methods for generating purchases must be used.

**** Let’s pause for a moment and cover one small item: If your website is not optimized for basic search engine indexing then you need to go back and revisit methods for doing so. In the short run the costs may be a challenge but when a proper online presence is created growth within that framework will be simplified.

Back to the topic at hand.

video seo and semImplementation of Video Engine Optimization and Marketing is only slightly different than its counter parts. Instead of keywords you will add “tags” to your video. A video hosting website will generally be used and code will be embedded within a webpage on your website. It is always recommended that you do in page SEO on the page hosting the video by adding some text and keywords.

Here’s the tricky part – where do you get the video material from? There’s a few spots:
– Hire a graphic designer who also has video creation skills
– Take your own videos, have them professionally edited and uploaded
– Buy desktop recording software, create, edit and upload the videos yourself

The last of the three options listed (no doubts there’s more available) can be most time consuming but is really the most cost effective. Also – once learned creating the videos for inclusion in a web page either for straight marketing or as a blog enhancer becomes much more practical.

After a great deal of research I have settled on two that seem to work well and offer a range of abilities. The first and simplest is LiteCam HD. This cost effective little program is actually packed with functionality….. Mouse effects, recording, uploading to youtube, etc… I use litecam hd for quick video projects where a lot of editing isn’t required or desired.

The Second is new in my toolbox and it is Camtasia. This program was easy, really easy to use right from the get go. It has full editing capabilities (which may need some more time to learn) and has some great add ins. A bit more expensive than LiteCam HD but Camtasia carries with it a lot more functionality.

In the end it should be remembered that using all your tools, whatever you have is what’s important. Hopefully this little article provided some direction on how to incorporate Video in to your online optimization and marketing strategy.

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