digital signageRecently we were asked to research and recommend a digital signage option for a chain of stores. Let me just say from the get go…. There are a lot of options. After sorting through the plethora of vendors and equipment, three providers stood out to us, but let’s start from the beginning.

What is “Digital Signage” – It is the Display of text and/or images, shown in digital formats over the internet or on television. Digital signage is commonly used to advertise products or services as they can offer more animations to entice consumers.

For our purposes we wanted a system that not only enticed customers but could potentially engage them in an interactive way….. Get them to spend more money because they saw value in doing so. This goal led us to focus on the LG EZSign TV, ScreenScape Digital Signage and NoviSign Digital Signage. While all three have similarities they each have some very unique options as well, it was a tough choice.

There are three main components that make up a digital signage system:

  1. The TV (cable access for sport events or shows if desired)
  2. The player (to create and play the signage)
  3. A connection device (used for player software on TV)

While the LG EZSign option is a self-contained solution the ScreenScape and Novisign options need a separate purchase of TV and connection device.

What we liked about each and the differences:

NoviSign: We really liked many of the interactive options this product offers as well as the ability to centrally manage multiple locations and especially the price. Novisign has some very creative widgets for streaming youtube and ustream live events or videos as well as some game options to draw customers into a more interactive experience. Connecting to the Novisign player is pretty straight forward. Novisign uses any number of connection devices (which are clearly displayed on their website) and a wireless internet connection.

ScreenScape: This is a great product as well. A bit pricey but it is extremely well thought out and has the opportunity to recover costs, make money or generate business by providing advertising services to or advertising with other local vendors using the ScreenScape solution. The menu creation process is easy and clear with a number of templates to choose from. One of the the features we really liked was the management console. With multiple TV’s to manage the ScreenScape central management feature was excellent for pushing menus to specific TV’s or locations quickly. As part of the ScreenScape package you get the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Device (using MHL HDMI port on TV) which is easy to deploy and needs a wireless connection.

LG EZSign: We loved that this was an all in one solution. The product has been around for some time now and has won some awards. It appears simple to use and can show broadcast events on the same screen as the menu. With a number of templates available for customization this option utilizes a simple USB drive for displaying the menu or advertisement on the TV. The player creation software resides on a computer and can load the digital signage to be displayed directly to a USB device or across a wireless network to the device.

What did we Choose?

We chose the LG EZSign TV for it’s simplicity of purchase and it’s adaptability if we decide to add one of the other services in the future. It was also very important to have sports events or other broadcast shows playing in some locations on the same screen as the menu.

Don’t take our word for it … the folks at ScreenScape and NoviSign are awesome and there is a lot more to each product. Give them a call and go through the demonstration’s – you won’t be disappointed.

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